Exhibition ~ Week 3

The ‘groove’ of Exhibition has finally been found at Prairie Waters. It is so exciting to hear about all of the enthusiasm being demonstrated and research being undertaken by our grade 5 students. I’m still blown away by all of the connections our students and their mentors have been making to primary sources of information.

We’ve had Skype interviews with Professors to ask questions about the impacts and effects of Cyberbullying. We have Skype interviews lined up with an avalanche rescue volunteer from Colorado and an organization in Hawaii dedicated to cleaning up the Pacific Garbage Patch. Skype

We’ve been emailing with countless contacts to ask questions about many different Exhibition topics


We’ve invited experts into our building to be a guest speaker or have a one-on-one interview with groups. We’ve had an organization dedicated to therapy dog training, a visually impaired community member with his service dog, the organizer of the World’s Longest Hockey Game, a Prairie Waters staff member who has adopted a rescued greyhound, an addictions counsellor, a local community member who is taking action to preserve the wetlands around the town and many more!

We have groups going off-site to visit different places and organizations to see first hand how they operate, and what they do. Some of our visits include the Calgary Herald, the Calgary Zoo, Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, Calgary Humane Society and The Police Dog Training Centre in Bowden.


In our attempt to be environmentally responsible, we have tried (as much as possible) to keep everything related to our Exhibition in a digital, collaborative space. Google Drive and our Exhibition Blog have been our best friend (and sometimes, our worst enemy. The Apps for both of these tools can sometimes be limiting in their capabilities, and our network – oh my, our network! There are days that our network is so s…l…o…w because all of the students are using their iPads at the same time: working on Google Drive, streaming videos, posting blogs, uploading images. The kids, for the most part have become more patient when things are lagging, and oftentimes, going into these tools through their Internet browser works much better, but, not always! All things that we have learned in the last 3 weeks!).

Some of the digital tools we’re using with our Exhibition group this year include:

  • Our students’ Exhibition Guidebook was shared with them, their teacher and their mentor on Google Drive
  • Our Mentors fill out a meeting form each time they meet with their group, again, shared on Google Drive with students, teachers and the mentors so everyone is able to see and collaborate. It’s also a great anecdotal assessment piece.
  • Each week, our students are reflecting on how they are demonstrating the elements of the PYP, as well as talking about things that are going well, things that are tricky and things they will try to work on to improve for next week. They are completing these reflections by blogging on our Exhibition blog, and this week, some groups even made movie reflections of how they think their Exhibition is going.
  • Students will also be filling out self and peer assessment forms (Thanks to Kristen Blum for the idea on her blog of what to include in the reflection!) via Google Forms. They will assess themselves and a group member on the Attributes of the Learner Profile, the Transdisciplinary Skills, and the Attitudes.
  • The EasyBib add-on in Google Docs arrived at just the right time! Our students are using it to compile their bibliography of all the sources they are using for their research.

It’s exciting to see all of the skills and knowledge the students are developing by using digital tools for all of the aspects of Exhibition. Even though there have been speed bumps along with way, the resilience the students have demonstrated, the patience that they’ve gained, and the level of collaboration that they’ve shown has been worth the headaches and hiccups along the way.


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