Using Forms as an assessment tool

I recently attended a professional learning workshop with Brenda Dyck and she showed us a great use of the ‘Form’ feature in Google Docs. By creating a form for your students to fill out, you can then use the information that you collect as an assessment piece; as all of the information that you collect from your students gets spat out into a handy-dandy spreadsheet for you to view all in one place. So, I’ve created one of my own Forms as a piece to include in our Summative Assessment of our current Unit of Inquiry, Where We Are In Place And Time.

My students are learning about the the form and function of structures and how  are all built on similar foundations and principles of design. This is what my form looks like to the students:

And this is the Spreadsheet that will be populated once they start to fill it in:

Such a brilliant, simple to create, easy to read assessment piece to utilize in the classroom! There are so many applications for this feature. Play around with it and see what you can come up with!